What is RUGBYfitUK



RUGBYfitUK is a new and exciting Rugby inspired agility, strength and speed training programme designed to set your metabolism on fire and have fun.

Split into two elements

  1. RUGBYfit 6 Week Focused Training Program  
  2. RUGBYfit Maintain and Improve

RUGBYfitUK is ran by highly experienced fitness instructors and coaches who have a passion for fitness and rugby. We believe this programme will challenge and improve your fitness, strength and skills.

It’s also a great opportunity to get to know our rugby club and join our community; this is simply a great way to enjoy getting fit, have fun in a team and free yourself from the gym.

Join our 6 Week Kick Starter Programme @ Ashton on Mersey RUFC – Banky Lane, Urmston, Sale.

RUGBYfitUK is about being in a team, training and supporting your team mates to achieve their best and using the power of the team to achieve your goals.

RUGBYfitUK is led by Ashton on Mersey  RUFC members and is a non for profit project. Any surplus will be reinvested into developing AoM RUFC as a centre for sport and fitness for the local community